More than WhatsApp: the most secure messaging apps

Currently, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. Current figures show that over two billion users have WhatsApp installed on their smartphones. This number speaks for itself and shows how important instant messaging apps have become in people’s lives.

But there are many more messaging services, some with even more features. In this article, we also want to show the alternative.
Currently the most secure messaging apps.


Telegram is on the upswing. The messaging service is gaining more and more new users every day. Many people appreciate the simple yet informative interface. There are a variety of options available. These include easy, pleasant and, of course, entertaining communication between users.

One more thing to mention is that Telegram is one of the most secure services. Telegram encrypts all chats and groups with 256-bit AES (a very high level of security).
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A very high level of security characterizes Signal and advertises it as such. Recommended by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden, Signal offers you open-source software developed by Open Whisper Systems.

The main feature of Signal is that sent messages are not stored on a server but are directly encrypted and sent to the recipient. Thus, there is no intermediate storage of messages or content. Sending is direct from device to device. You can also set notifications to be deleted after a specific time.
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In Asian countries, there is a service with more users than Telegram and WhatsApp: Line. You can ask your Japanese or Korean friends or work colleagues; they will confirm our statement. Line also offers a high level of security.

Line encrypts all sent messages and chats and has received three international security certificates. Your messages and content are in good hands with Line.
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The last messaging service on our list is Confide. A service that is very extreme when it comes to data security. This app does not store any messages sent or received. No data is stored on servers. Likewise, messages are deleted after a while or even after reading them.

You can only read messages when you put your finger on the screen. It is not possible to take screenshots of your messages. (Unless your phone has a special option to take screenshots)
Confide is by far the most secure app, although it is a bit cumbersome to send “hello” to someone.
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