More AI for mobile life: Google unveils Tensor G3 chipset

Google has unveiled its new Tensor G3 chipset, bringing numerous AI advancements and cutting-edge features. The chip is designed to bring the transformative power of AI to users’ everyday lives.

Google has unveiled its new 3rd generation custom chipset, Tensor G3. The chip offers numerous upgrades to key subsystems and is designed to drive machine learning capabilities on the device. It includes the latest ARM CPUs, an improved GPU, a new ISP, an imaging DSP, and a next-generation TPU explicitly designed to process Google’s AI models.

More learning and better photos and video

Compared to the first Tensor iteration in Pixel 6, the latest Pixel phones now support more than twice as many machine learning models on the device. These models are more numerous and more sophisticated, promising improvements to the overall Pixel user experience.
The Tensor G3 significantly boosts photo and video capture on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. The chip’s efficiency optimizes the camera pipeline and enhances live HDR capabilities with improved detail, color accuracy, contrast, and dynamic range while saving power.
There are also notable advances in computational photography with features like Magic Eraser, which can remove distractions in photos, and Best Take, which uses advanced machine learning models for flawless image composition. Audio Magic Eraser further improves video quality by reducing background noise and ensuring crystal-clear audio.

Progress in speech and natural language understanding
The Tensor G3 also makes advances in speech and natural language understanding. It revolutionizes interaction with Google Assistant and can now understand natural pauses and conversational nuances. Pixel 8 introduces the same text-to-speech model as Google’s data centers and enables seamless reading aloud and translation of web pages.

Massive computing power for AI
With the Tensor G3, Google can create generative AI models on the device that were previously only possible in data centers. This enables new features such as AI Portrait mode, which makes portraits with a realistic background blur, and AI Doodle mode, which can add drawings to photos.
The Tensor G3 features the Tensor security core and works with the Titan M2 security chip, making it more resistant to sophisticated attacks. Improved face unlock meets Android’s stringent biometric standards and enables secure access to banking and payment apps.

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