Melon Playground

Melon Playground is a free simulator game developed by TwentySeven. This free game brings the popular sandbox game People Playground to mobile devices. Players can shoot, stab, maim, and destroy square rag dolls here.

Melon Playground is even more fun because there are no rules or time limits. Players can experiment in the sandbox for as long as they want. They can pick different weapons from the settings and destroy the ragdolls individually. However, one should be warned that the game is particularly brutal and bloodthirsty, just like its role model. The player can regulate the blood level, but it will still be brutal.

What is Melon Playground?
People Playground is a game for players with restless, creative, and somewhat sadistic minds. It offers players a wide range of tools to destroy a person. Since its release, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response from players. Unfortunately, the game is limited to the PC. This is where Melon Playground comes into play. As mentioned earlier, it features a minimalistic 2D version in the retro style of People Playground.

The idea of the game is identical to its inspiration. Here, players find themselves in an open space with square-edged cloth dolls that they can stab, shoot, maim, or destroy at will. There are various weapons at one’s disposal, including poison, knives, weights, and guns. Besides, the objects can be customized,
as well as the ragdolls. However, the selection of items is smaller than in the original game.

Is it worth playing?
Need a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Melon Playground allows you to really let go by wreaking absolute havoc in a safe virtual space. Choose a tool of total chaos and let loose!

Grab a machine gun and go after a helpless doll with it. Throw a grenade and watch everything get blown to bits.

Story? Complex gameplay? Nobody needs that nonsense! Sometimes you want to watch glorious explosions. Download Melon Playground and become a medium for total digital destruction.

Download Melon Playground

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