Learning music with Duolingo: how it works

“Duolingo” is a service that became famous for its language learning app. In fall 2023, the service will be expanded. You can also learn music with Duolingo. Like foreign languages, people interested in music can learn playfully through various exercises and tasks in the app.

Duolingo introduces music courses

At launch, the music offer is only available in English and Spanish and only in the iOS version of the app.

Duolingo aims to help people interested in music learn various musical basics. These include notes and rhythm, but also ear training. With the app’s help, you should gradually acquire the knowledge to play songs with various instruments yourself. There will be mainly piano exercises at the start, but it will likely be extended to other instruments. You do not need your own music device to participate in the courses. All learning content runs directly on the smartphone screen and can be operated from there.

Learn sheet music & more with Duolingo

Users who are activated for music lessons in Duolingo can be informed when the lessons start:

– Open the Duolingo app on your iPhone.
– Tap on the “New” icon in the bottom left corner.
– Select the option to notify you when the music learning function starts.
– Once the option is activated, you will be notified when the learning program is available.

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