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Those who show themselves via social media usually only do so with makeup and only filter nicely. Using numerous TikTok or Instagram filters, you change your face so much that there is no recognition value with the natural person. However, Instagram beauty filters harbor dangers for you as a user. Although the filtered photos improve the aesthetics of the images, they also convey a false ideal of beauty.

Instagram filters and effects filter reality – Bold Glamour
Instagram and also TikTok are platforms for selfies. Here, you can see selfies that users have considerably changed using numerous beauty filters and effects. With this, one then hopes for a large number of likes.

Enlarged eyes with long, thick eyelashes, a fine-pored complexion, full lips like Brigitte Bardot, and high cheekbones – via TikTok, such videos spread at the beginning of 2023, which were edited using AI filters called “Bold Glamour.”

However, hardly anyone noticed this change; the people in the pictures looked “real.” The AI filter was superimposed on the face, changing it in real-time, and even quick head movements or waving a hand in front of the face didn’t cause the filter any problems.

But we all know that nobody looks perfect: A pimple here, less than perfect eyebrows, sparse eyelashes, a big nose, drooping corners of the mouth, and more. Unless you have your stylist in your household to “dress you up” in the morning, you’re less likely to come close to the image of the AI filter. And that’s not bad; that’s reality.

What do Instagram filters do to your self-confidence?
When using Instagram filters and effects, we are not shown the reality but only the unrealistic idea of a person. The filters can thus attack our self-confidence and psyche by constantly comparing ourselves to the edited images. Users feel pressured to conform to a non-existent standard. The constant striving for the perfect appearance leads to insecurities in all areas for some.
It doesn’t help that users who have used the filter have shown themselves without makeup afterward. Filters are tools that creatively beautify our images but should not define self-esteem.

The most significant criticism of Bold Glamour and other AI filters is that the filters are no longer recognizable as such. It even goes so far that users go to a plastic surgeon and show them pictures that have been embellished via AI filters to look the same.

Where can I find Instagram filters?
Via Instagram, you can record your stories directly with filters or add effects. Furthermore, it is possible to edit pictures afterward using filters and effects.

Instagram offers its filters and effects for use. It is also possible to use self-created filters from users for your pictures.

If you create a new story, post, reel, or go live, Instagram will directly show you a selection of filters or effects. You can save any of these filters and effects. If you scroll to the end of the section, a magnifying glass icon appears. Clicking on it will take you to all the filters in the Topical, Refine, Aesthetic, Games, Humor, and Special Effects categories.

Another way to discover filters is to look at other users’ stories and use the filters you used by tapping on them. The filter name is visible at the top of the screen. Filters can also be found via the creator’s profile page and the star tab.

From hair color to bouncing eyelashes to a completely different look, a lot is possible with an Instagram filter. You can be creative, create funny images, and visually enhance your reels and stories for your Instagram feed. However, some filters change your look so that even your followers might not recognize you anymore. The danger here is that younger and often female Instagram users see this false reality as accurate. Then, when they look in their mirror, their self-perception is distorted. Therefore, as an Instagram publisher or influencer, you also have a duty of care and a role model function towards your followers.

We all want to come across as good as possible, whether in a regular selfie or for a big follower count on TikTok or Instagram. While filters are a fun way to tweak your image and hide supposed blemishes, they also set unrealistic beauty standards. Thus, the daily search for the perfect image and flawlessness may lead to a distorted ideal of beauty and a negative perception of our appearance.

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