Huawei is once again at the forefront: The smartphone battle can begin again

Huawei surprised the whole world when the Chinese company suddenly pulled a 5G modem and its own processor out of the hat. Many thought it was a short-lived success that would quickly level off. But Huawei is exceptionally well positioned for the future, as new figures are supposed to show.

Huawei can build millions of processors
The Mate 60 Pro is Huawei’s first smartphone in years equipped with its own Kirin processor and 5G modem. The Chinese company is under a US ban and cannot access certain technologies. Ultimately, however, this only led to Huawei developing the components and becoming even more independent. New figures are supposed to prove that this will remain the case.

Many insiders had assumed that Huawei would only have a minimal number of its own Kirin processors. It was expected that the launch would instead be marketing and that old Qualcomm chips with a 4G modem would be installed in most phones again. Huawei is doing extremely well, reports HuaweiCentral.

Huawei is said to have a massive stock of processors available. There is talk of 40 to 45 million Kirin chips that can be installed in end devices. Thus, Huawei can equip all devices with its own processors that will be built shortly. So, the smartphone battle for the top will not fail at this point – at least in China.

Huawei, with focus on China
However, the 40 to 45 million Kirin processors are only intended for use in China. The focus has shifted to the home country for smartphones since Huawei’s phones only stand a chance in other markets with Google services. In China, Huawei also wants to completely separate from Android soon and thus become independent in software.

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