How to make a cheap (and old) phone faster

Buying a smartphone is a real investment these days. A few years ago, only a few models were higher priced, while the rest were quite affordable.
However, a huge dynamic price growth of all smartphones has been set in motion.

Thanks to these forbidden high prices, old phones are used longer. We dedicate this post: How to make an old phone faster.

Disable automatic downloads
An important point for all devices: disabling automatic downloads from WhatsApp. Considering that it is the most used messaging service, you rarely see a phone that doesn’t have it installed and doesn’t have downloads set by default.

To turn them off, follow the steps below:
Go to WhatsApp -> Click Settings to open all options -> Click Data and Storage -> Disable all automatic multimedia downloads (photos, audio, videos, and documents).

The next time someone sends you something, decide whether to download it. This will leave more free space in your memory and more life for your phone.
Download WhatsApp

Give it a good sweep
At best, you have the wonderful CCleaner installed on your PC. If you have it there, why not on your phone? The most popular cleaning software on the market is available for smartphones and has almost 1000 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

With CCleaner, we can improve the performance of our phone; remove space-wasting messages that, although deleted, take up a small fraction of your memory; see which apps consume the most resources on your device, and a long list of other possibilities.

This app is free to download, although there is a paid Pro option with enhanced features: It cleans automatically with a simple scheduler; includes priority team support; removes the most extensive files, etc.
Download CCleaner

Reset to factory settings
A classic option you never fail with is reset to factory settings or your cell phone’s default. We all say “My phone worked better when it was new.” And that’s true; your smartphone worked better when you first turned it on: it just didn’t have anything installed on it.

Adding apps, as well as general wear and tear, slowed down all of its functions. The best thing to do in this case is to reset it to the default settings; that is, it gets back to the state in which you got it.

To do this, open Settings, go to System, click Reset Settings, then Factory Reset and Reset Phone. Simple. This way, your phone will be faster and virtually as good as new (But note that you will lose everything you didn’t make a backup of).

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