How to change your name on Facebook

Almost every third person has a Facebook account. Around the world, 2 billion people use the social network.

With so many users, your name must exist more than once. Enter your name in the search. How often does it appear there? You can also change it so that your name appears only once and you can be found more easily.

Simple steps
Many believe that changing your name is a long and complex process. But we can reassure you. It’s very simple! First, click on the upper right arrow and select Settings.

Once you’ve done that, click on Name and write your wish in the box. Then click on Review and Change. If the request for your password is needed, enter it and finish the process by clicking Save Changes.

Quite simple. Great, right? Now you have to wait for Facebook to confirm your new name. You should also pay attention to certain combinations. This is the second point in our tutorial.

Not everything is allowed
There are also restrictions. For example, you can’t change your name at will. Facebook states that you can only change your name every 60 days. So think carefully about any change you want to make.

Your name also can’t contain numbers, unusual capital letters, repeated characters, or punctuation marks. Also, Facebook does not allow characters from different languages. The same goes for positions, used place names, or, of course, insults.

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