How do I create a YouTube video?

You’ve probably asked yourself how to create or edit a YouTube video. Most programs are very complex, and you need months of experience and training to master them.

We’ll show you simple YouTube production tools to help you finish everything in minutes.

The world’s most famous video streaming platform has many very simple features to easily edit, for example, a birthday video or a movie about your friend’s last vacation. This article will show you how to use YouTube as a video editing program.

Step by step
First, you need to upload a video to Youtube. To do this, enter the URL and click on the arrow to the right of the search bar. The only requirement is that you are logged in to Youtube.

Next, drag the file you want to upload to the designated window or simply select it. If you want to edit a video, change the default settings and add the clip as “Private” or “Unlisted.”

Youtube will open a new window once you have selected the video to upload. Here you have several options, but they are easy to understand:

  • The title of your video.
  • The description of it.

Tags that must be separated by commas (not phrases, but keywords, for example, birthday, Christmas, New Year).The possibility to add it to a playlist (if you upload many videos on the same topic, for example, “Sweet Cats 2023”).

Once the video is uploaded, click on the “Video Manager” tab at the bottom to be redirected to all your clips. Now click “Edit” to use one of Youtube’s great strengths.

Now you can edit your video. The default field is “Information and Configuration,” but click on “Enhancements.” Now you can change light, contrast, saturation, and color temperature, display the video in slow motion, select time-lapse, and, most important: trim the video.

On the other hand, there is the Audio tab. As the name suggests, this tab allows you to add a song from the extensive Youtube music database. And the best part is that the available songs are not copyrighted. That is, they have no ownership rights, and you can use them freely (not to be compared with songs that are protected and integrated into a payment system.

To finish your editing, go to “Finish and Annotate”. Now you can add all the text you want on the video and annotations with links to other videos or websites.

Our little tutorial on how to create videos on Youtube ends here. Try it out and let your imagination run wild! 😉

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