How do I avoid sharing embarrassing moments on Facebook?

You may have opened this article with your Facebook account. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is the most important worldwide. According to official figures from last summer, Facebook already has over 2 billion users. In other words, every fourth person has a Facebook account.

Despite this incredible number, only some users know how to protect their data and moments on Facebook. What does this mean? On the one hand, only some measures are taken to improve security, and on the other hand, embarrassing or private moments can be published very quickly.

We’ll show you three simple tricks to secure your Facebook account so embarrassing moments don’t become public. Now it’s up to you.

1. Who can see my content
To set who can see your content, go to the tab next to the question mark and click on Settings. Here you can set everything about your privacy. The first section is the most important of all.

The most important point is: who can see my content? We recommend that only your friends can see your content. This way, all your content will be protected from other people. It will also hide your pictures and posts.

You can also set who can send you a friend request. This way, you protect yourself from random requests or spam.

2. Timeline and tagging
You’ve restricted access to your content to your friends. Now it’s time not to share embarrassing moments on your account because even your friends don’t want to see that.

In the “Timeline” and “Tagging” sections, there is a wide range of options to avoid the posts you are tagged on appearing in your profile. For example, your boss should not see this snapshot if a friend uploads a photo of you drinking a beer.

To prevent this, all you have to do is go to the “Tagging” section. There you can set who can see your posts where you are tagged. Choose the people who are allowed to see your moments. This way, you can avoid trouble.

3. Review
The last trick is located on the same screen in the Review section. There you will find the section titled Review Posts. This way, nothing can be published by you without your consent. You can always set people to enable or filter reviews.

Set yourself to receive many notifications if you are very popular on Facebook and have many followers.
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