Hidden in Samsung Galaxy phones – This feature takes a lot of work off your hands

If you own a current Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can use a feature that makes using the phone noticeably more convenient. The service “Bixby Routines” makes this possible, which allows you to define how your phone should behave in certain situations.

All newer Galaxy smartphones are equipped with the in-house voice assistant Bixby. Users can easily control their phones via voice commands, such as coordinating appointments, reading the weather report, or operating the camera.
Samsung also offers another little-known feature that debuted with the Galaxy S10 (review): The so-called Bixby Routines.

Bixby Routines: That’s what’s behind the Samsung Galaxy feature

Bixby Routines is a service where the assistant recognizes your daily processes and action patterns via artificial intelligence and “if-then” chains and adapts to them. For example, you can specify that the phone automatically activates the blue light filter in the evening, is switched to mute, and sets background processes overnight to save battery power.
You can customize the routines. You can choose to use the pre-installed routines, but you can also create your routines with just a few clicks.

Popular routines are, for example:

– Choosing a Spotify playlist to play automatically when another app opens, such as a workout app.

– Performing specific automatic tasks at different times of the day and/or in different locations, such as switching to vibrate or silent mode at the office.

– Change and customize the behavior of notifications at certain places and/or times or when you perform specific actions, such as playing games.

– Automatically turn off battery-draining apps when your phone reaches a certain battery level.

Creating Bixby routines – here’s how it works

To activate the feature for the first time, you need to follow these steps:
Activate the home screen and drag the status bar down.
Swipe to the second or third page – depending on the configuration – tap the Bixby Routines button and hold it down briefly. Alternatively, you can also find the option under “Advanced features” in the settings.
You are now in the routines settings and can either activate pre-programmed routines or create your own routines.

Activation of recommended routines

In the settings, numerous proper routines are suggested on the first page. If you find one you like, you have to tap on it, and you will be automatically directed to another page where you can customize the routine to your liking.
Here you’ll then specify a certain time window, the action that should be performed, and what should happen when the routine is finished. Then press Save at the bottom right to activate the setting.

Create your own routine

If you want to create a routine by yourself, you can also do that. To do so, tap on the “Add routine” tab, which is displayed in the settings at the bottom of the screen.
You can also freely define a specific time window and the subsequent actions here.
All active routines can be found at the bottom right under “My Routines”. You can delete unwanted routines with a simple click and deactivate them with a tap in the status bar.
You can configure Samsung accessories (Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Watch, etc.) and activate location services in the suggested routines and self-designed ones. For example, your phone will automatically mute itself when your phone locates you at the university or office.

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