Google Play System Update – August 2023

Since December 2021, Google has published all information about the Google Play System Update on its website. Now there is the first, manageable round of innovations for August 2023.

Google Play System Update August 2023 – First Innovations August 2023

The Google Play System Update or Google System Update is downloaded and installed automatically from the Play Store, usually unnoticed by you. The installation is only completed when you restart your smartphone once.

The first, rather manageable, round of innovations for August 2023 can now be found on the support website.

System Management
[Auto, PC, Phone, TV, Wear] Bug fixes for system management and diagnostic services. [2]
[Auto] Updates to system management services that improve data protection. [2]

[2] Available via Google Play services v23.30, updated on 02/08/2023.

To trigger the update manually, open Settings -> About phone -> Android version -> and then click Google Play System Update. If the last update is already available, the device will now restart.

What are the Google Play System Updates?
The updates make your Android device more secure and reliable and provide new and useful features. They include updates from Google for the Android operating system, the Google Play Store, and Google Play services. Google System Updates are available for phones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV devices, Android Auto-enabled vehicles, Wear OS devices, and Chrome OS devices.

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