Google Photos gets a new function with Photo Stack

Photo Stack groups similar photos together
Google Photos offers you the option of sorting your photos into albums or archiving them to keep your photo stream tidy. With version 6.60 of Google Photos, the Photo Stack option was added at the end of October. If activated, this automatically groups similar photos.

You can activate this via the Google Photos settings → Group similar photos /Stack similar photos. If the function is activated, similar photos are stacked automatically. An icon indicating the photo stack can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the stacked photos.

If you tap on a stacked image, a new page opens with the “Top Pick” image (the image that is also displayed in the photo feed) and a bar with all the images from the photo stack.

The top pick image is selected automatically but can be changed by you. Removing or deleting images from the Stack is also possible to free up more storage space.

If Photo Stack is available for everyone, it will make searching through your photo stream much easier. This is because you will no longer have to scroll through numerous identical images but will have arranged photo stacks.

So far, even after updating Google Photos to version 6.61, I still need a stack function. It may still need to be activated on the server side.

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