Google Messages – This is what the profiles look like

It was recently announced that Google Messages will soon launch its own profiles. You can find out what the profiles look like and what settings you can make here.

The Google Messages profiles were found some time ago in an APK Insight. Now, a launch is imminent.

There is an option for profile sharing called profile detection. You can find the option, if available, in the Google Messages settings → Advanced.

The profile-sharing option is now called Profile detection. Here, you can activate or deactivate the recognition of your profile for other users who contact you via email or phone number using Google products. Your profile includes the display of a name and a picture. You can also display only your name, not the profile picture.

Profile Discovery is already known from your Google Account
You can also store your profile picture and display a name in your Google account ( -> Personal information -> About me and select who can see which information).

You can choose the following with profile recognition:

-Select the name from your main profile or a shortened version of your name

-Show or hide profile picture

-When users search for you in Google products and services using your phone number or email address, profile recognition helps determine what they find. When you set it up, you decide whether people you have yet to interact with through Google services but who have your contact information can see your profile picture and full or abbreviated name. After interacting with someone, for example, while communicating in Google Chat or sharing an album in Google Photos, that person will usually see your full name and profile picture from your Google Account.

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