Google Contacts – Reminder notifications for all data

The Google Contacts app is more than just a phone book. Every detail about your contact can be recorded there—numbers, addresses, directions, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Now, you can receive reminder notifications for all data.

Google Contacts sends a reminder when a certain date is approaching.

Since May, the Highlights tab of the Google Contacts app has been displaying the upcoming or current birthdays of contact and will also remind you of them if required (click on the three dots on an upcoming birthday/anniversary). However, you must first enter the dates in the details.
However, you can enter birthdays and various anniversaries in the Contacts app, such as wedding anniversaries, anniversary dates, etc. All the dates you enter are also displayed in Google Calendar so you don’t miss anything.

The reminders and notifications now apply to all types of entered data.

To do this, tap on a contact and then on the three dots at the top right. The Reminders option can now be found in the menu. Click on it to select whether you want a reminder for dates already entered or whether you want to create a new reminder (birthday, anniversary, or user-defined)

A reminder for a birthday or anniversary is displayed in the Contacts app a few days before and after the event. In addition to the reminders in the app, you can also receive push notifications on your smartphone. Here, you can choose whether the notification should be sent on the same day, two days before, seven days before, or two weeks before.

The Google Contacts app’s reminder for all dates entered is available from version 4.20.

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