Google announces more privacy for Android

Apple dealt a blow to online advertising with new settings last year. Now, Google has also announced that it will restrict the sharing of user data with third parties.

The online advertising industry must prepare for new game rules for smartphones running the Android operating system. Google, as Android developer, announced measures for stronger privacy protection to be developed in the coming years.

Customers reject tracking
Until now, the ad industry has been able to use an identification number to collect information about smartphone users’ interests and play out personalized ads. This number has been the basis for the online advertising business on smartphones.

But last year, Apple dealt the model a severe blow: app providers now have to explicitly ask iPhone users for permission if they want to track their behavior across different apps and services. Numerous people object to this. Facebook‘s Meta, among others, felt the impact and recently estimated that Apple’s new rules could depress sales by ten billion dollars this year.

Many iPhone users reject tracking
Google has now announced that it will limit the sharing of user information with third parties, such as data traders in the advertising industry. It also wants to find solutions without the current advertising ID for data collection across different apps.

Android has a market share of more than 80 percent in the global smartphone business. iPhones account for the rest. At the same time, the distribution varies from country to country – in the lucrative US market, for example, the iPhone share is estimated at around half.

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