Getting a new smartphone? You’d better avoid these mistakes when setting up

New software, different functions, and a changed design: When you buy a new smartphone, you have to consider a few things. We reveal what is essential when changing cell phones and which mistakes you should avoid.

Whether for a birthday, anniversary or just because, smartphones are popular gifts at any time of year. Before the new device can be used, however, the data must be transferred from the old cell phone to the new one. Thanks to numerous apps, this is now relatively easy.

Nevertheless, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid when changing cell phones.

Mistakes you should avoid when changing smartphones

  • Take all data with you, sight unseen: Old photos, documents, or apps can immediately overfill the memory of the new phone and ensure that there is quickly no room for new memories. It’s better to consciously choose which apps and files you need and move them over, and delete all the data you no longer need or store it on another device.
  • Refrain from making a backup on the old cell phone: Anyone who uses WhatsApp, Threema & Co. and wants to take messages with them must first take action on the old smartphone. Chats must be backed up differently depending on the app before the app is activated on the new cell phone.
  • Keep pre-installed apps enabled: So-called bloatware is widespread – Samsung & Co. deliver many pre-installed, useless apps. These can be deactivated in the settings so that they do not consume battery or memory and also disappear from the app list.
  • Reinstall old apps: If you have been using an app for years, you should check whether it is still being actively developed. If this is not the case, for example, because the last update was years ago, you should switch to an alternative. Old apps can pose a security risk, for example, if bugs and gaps are no longer fixed.

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