G-Mail, Maps, and Co: Google builds more artificial intelligence into its products

Competition in the industry is fierce. That’s why several Google applications are to be upgraded with artificial intelligence. Group CEO Pichai announces “massive” improvements.

Among other things, Pichai demonstrated how software can formulate a letter for users. He also showed how users in Google’s photo app will not only be able to remove unwanted objects and people but also change their position in the picture, for example.

Archrival Microsoft puts Google in a tight spot
In recent months, developer OpenAI caused a stir with its chatbot ChatGPT, which can form sentences like a human. Google’s archrival Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar pact with OpenAI puts pressure on the Internet company to make more of its artificial intelligence developments publicly available. Google has so far held back on this, citing responsible use of the technology. At the same time, Pichai emphasized that Google has been working with artificial intelligence for years.

Google introduced a new language model called Palm 2 for the novel AI capabilities to compete against OpenAI’s GPT-4. Palm 2 can master more than 100 languages, bringing writing, programming, and analysis capabilities. Google’s chatbot Bard will also work based on Palm 2 in the future.

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