Firefox Download: Browser with high security and speed

Firefox, known under its former name, Mozilla Firefox, is one of the most popular free browsers.

Like all modern browsers, Firefox includes useful integrated features such as tabbed browsing, PDF viewer, security functions, and the option to take and save screenshots. The program also includes a bookmark manager and a password manager.

Firefox: Extensions, themes and personas

Another advantage of Firefox is the large number of extensions available for the browser, with which you can extend the browser with many functions. Firefox has many themes and personas, with which you can customize the browser’s appearance according to your wishes. Themes change the entire user interface, including control elements, while personas are limited to visual customization but are particularly easy to install and uninstall.

Conclusion: Firefox is a popular web browser characterized in particular by its user-friendliness, speed, and the large number of additional extensions available, with which you can expand the browser with countless functions.

Download Firefox

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