DeepL – the translator “Made in Germany” challenges Google Translate

You are sitting at your PC reading a text in another language. To translate it, you highlight it and paste it into Google Translate. This is quick and you have a reasonably helpful, sometimes amusing text translation. Sentence order and others are often ignored. Now a new service, “Made in Germany” wants to improve this. What used to be Linguee is now DeepL.

DeepL uses artificial intelligence to translate your texts, which understands even the most minor details and renders them meaningfully. Technically, DeepL is backed by a supercomputer in Ireland that can perform 5.1 petaFLOPS – that is, 5,100,000,000,000 computing operations per second. In short, the computer can translate a million words in less than a second.

The DeepL team uses this supercomputer to train neural networks with a collection of multilingual texts. Unlike Google, DeepL does not use recurrent (recurring) neural networks but instead resorts to a convolutional network, such as those used in facial recognition. These networks look at many translations and learn independently how to translate grammatically and choose good phrases correctly. To do this, DeepL uses Linguee, the world’s largest search engine for translations. Over the last 10 years, Linguee has collected more than one billion high-quality translations, which DeepL now uses to train the AI.

DeepL automatically recognizes the language of the text to be translated. The goal of DeepL is to translate texts in such a way that nobody notices that a computer has created the translation. DeepL points out that if you recognize a mistranslated word in a text, you can mark it and thus exchange it for another word.

Currently, DeepL supports 29 language combinations.
The neural networks are already training to translate more languages in the future.

DeepL Pro?

DeepL Pro is a subscription service that provides access to the full capacity of DeepL’s AI translation technology.

DeepL Pro is designed for companies that need fast and accurate translations to run their business processes efficiently, professional translators who want to integrate DeepL translations into their workflow, and software developers who want to create new apps and services using API.

DeepL Pro is available for both individual users and teams.

Download DeepL Translate

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