ChatGPT Plus – AI is that much better when you pay

The chatbot ChatGPT has been creating buzz on the Internet for months – partly because it can be used completely free of charge. The OpenAI developers, meanwhile, are focusing on the paid ChatGPT Plus. Here’s what you can expect there.

ChatGPT has been available in two different versions for now: a free Basic version and a Plus version for $20 per month. But when is the subscription worth it?

The two versions of ChatGPT use different AIs. Only the Plus plan lets you use the latest and stronger GPT-4 language model. As OpenAI, the makers behind ChatGPT, announce, GPT-4 has advanced features in the:

-advanced reasoning

-handles more complex instructions

-and offers more creativity overall

However, as the creators disclose in a blog post, the new version could make simple logic errors and propagate biases. GPT-4 is also only aware of facts before September 2021 and needs to learn from experience, OpenAI stressed.

GPT-4 is also said to be good at analyzing images and describing them with words – but OpenAI has yet to make this feature available to customers.

Other advantages of the Plus version of ChatGPT: On the one hand, it guarantees access even when demand is high, and on the other hand, the response speed of ChatGPT is said to be somewhat faster than the Free version.

Plus users can also enjoy two exciting features that can be activated in the settings

Web browsing: This setting does not make ChatGPT’s training data any more up-to-date, but the AI can then search for information on the web on its own and answer current questions.

Plugins: With this switch, extensions of ChatGPT are possible. Third-party plug-ins can then be used; the first ones are already available from Expedia, Klarna or Zapier. The plug-ins can be easily added via an AppStore.

With the new features, ChatGPT also functions more like a search engine because current information is included. In addition, the plug-ins significantly expand the range of functions.

Free chatGPT will not disappear

The free basic ChatGPT plan will continue to be available until further notice.

Users can, therefore, use the Writing Artificial Intelligence as before, and the entire history can still be accessed.

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