ChatGPT is no longer limited to 2021 data

ChatGPT is available on the web or as an app. ChatBot has now gained access to the Internet and is, therefore, no longer limited to dates before September 2021.

ChatGPT can now browse the Internet and is no longer limited to dates before September 2021

Until now, the data used to train ChatGPT came mainly from the Internet and from 2021 (up to September). The AI needed to catch up to current events by two years.

However, with an announcement via Twitter (now X), they announced that ChatGPT has been given access to the Internet, and thus, the data is not limited to September 2021.

You will now get all the latest information by using the Internet to answer your questions. ChatGPT’s answers are further enhanced with links to sources.

Due to previous dates from/until September 2021, ChatGPT’s answers often needed to be updated.

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