Build a house in Minecraft

Minecraft has a simple concept: you build a shelter and defend it from evil monsters and enemies.

A good shelter is the foundation for a game of Minecraft. We’ll show you how to get a house safely and quickly.

Get to safety
Minecraft is like a huge three-dimensional universe. During the day, you are safe, but at night dangerous monsters slip out of their caves.

Therefore, in daylight, build a house first. The best way to start playing Minecraft is to use the creative mode. In the mode, you’ll have all the materials and objects of the game at your disposal. Without enemies, you’ll have the chance to learn everything necessary in peace.

Prepare individual parts for the base frame.
Open the inventory and browse the boxes. There are all sorts of stones, picks, and minerals. Under crafting, you combine the objects to build more complex tools or items.

In Creative mode, don’t worry: here, you’ll have everything for building houses and use all the materials you want without restrictions.

In survival mode, you won’t have time. Here you’ll quickly dig a cave as an emergency shelter and fight for bare survival.
Collect the most important material: oak wood, ordinary wood, glass, a door made of iron or wood, a bed, rubble, stairs or ladders. This should be enough for the beginning.

Laying the foundation
In the next step, select a point on the map where you want to build your house. Remove the weeds and level the ground. Then outline the house.

Stay modest here. The bigger the house, the longer it will take to build. Speed is of the essence, especially for survival mode.

A rectangle of 12×8 blocks is optimal. Use wood to mark out the perimeter. Then build the floor and the walls. For the height of the walls, it is best to take five blocks.

You can choose between a floor of wood, brick, or stone. Wood is good for a pleasant state of mind because of its warm color; stone is better for building castles. Finally, use wood for the roof. Close the roof before night falls.

At dawn, the work continues
The next day, get down to the details and install windows, doors, and stairs for roof access. The windows will let light into the house, and you’ll observe the dangers lurking outside from there. A door is necessary so that monsters like the Creeper can’t get in and get you.

Without a door, you’ll have to break through a wall every time and fix it again. There, a door is clearly the more convenient alternative.

On the roof, you build a picket fence and a balcony to watch the enemies. Also, this way, you will enjoy a breathtaking landscape.

Mount torches and make yourself comfortable
Congratulations, your house is ready. Light the torches and attach them to the walls. This is what your house may look like after about 30 minutes of play in creative mode.

We recommend this tutorial, especially for Minecraft beginners. It’s best to start in creative mode. Get to know the tools, materials, and objects in practice and practice. This way, playing real Minecraft in survival mode or other game modes will be easier for you later.

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