Brawl Stars – Clash of Clans developers deliver free multiplayer Brawler

The game app Brawl Stars comes from Supercell and is a hip multiplayer title. Players compete in 3-on-3 online battles in Battle Royal style. Gamers can compete alone or in teams in various game modes against each other and for free, with the side that has at least one Brawler still standing winning.

What makes Brawl Stars unique?
The developers Supercell, who already produced an extremely popular multiplayer title with Clash Royale, delivered another success with Brawl Stars. In the tactics-driven game, players compete in five game modes to defeat their opponents.
The game is fast-paced on various maps in an isometric view, as the matches only last three minutes. The developers have adapted the controls for mobile devices, which allows for a fast and strategic approach. There are various brawlers to choose from, which differ in their fighting style and their unique abilities.

Are children allowed to play Brawl Stars?
The Google Play Store lists the successful app, like Clash of Clans, for ages six and up. Apple, on the other hand, recommends a minimum age of nine for the download. The colorful game world, the reward system, and the quirky characters make Brawl Stars particularly interesting.

What can Brawl Stars do?
Supercell brings fast-paced multiplayer action that is always accessible thanks to the Internet and mobile devices. Coins and jewels can be won in the different game modes. With these, it is then possible to buy so-called Brawlboxes. These contain coins, improvements for the game characters, or new, stronger Brawlers. These boxes can also be purchased via in-app purchases.

How can Brawl Stars be played?
To play the Battle Royale-style shooter, you need a mobile device and the app for Android or iOS. After the installation, the game can be started immediately. An extra controller is not necessary since the game is operated intuitively via the touchscreen. Since Brawl Stars is free, purchasing in-game items is optional, but it can improve the gaming experience.

Brawl Stars – entertaining gameplay in comic graphics
Supercell brings a successful game in the style of Battle Royale. The colorful implementation and simple controls are particularly appealing. Various game modes and special events provide special challenges in competitive multiplayer. The whole thing is garnished with various brawlers, which can not only be improved over time but can also be individualized with skins.

The limited round time, in combination with improving, finding, and unlocking the brawlers, provides motivation. The creation of clubs and the possibility to team up with several people besides your friends offers an extensive multiplayer experience.

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