Android phone: Memory full? This is what you can do!

After a few months, many Android phones experience the same problem: The memory is full. We explain how you can easily create storage space.

1. Memory full: First, analyze the memory

If your phone already warns you that its memory is full, things will soon get serious: you won’t be able to take any more photos, receive any more emails, or install any more apps. Before deleting a beloved and much-used app, you should analyze your memory.

For the best way to clean up your full memory, use the DiskUsage app, for example. Such apps show you what you use the most memory with. Once you have figured out what consumes the most storage space, you can start cleaning up and creating free space.

2. Create storage space: Transfer photos and videos to PC

The easiest way is always to transfer your files to the computer. This way, you can keep your apps on the smartphone and not have to limit your mobile pleasure.

3. Clean up the system in a targeted and sustainable manner

If even transferring and deleting videos does not bring enough storage, you can delete old app files or other unnecessary data.

4. Delete or deactivate unused apps

Another step in targeted cleanup is deleting apps that are not or rarely used.

To do this, go to the settings and click “Apps.” Now you can see all installed apps.

In the overview, you can sort all apps by size by clicking on the three dots at the top right and selecting the option.

If you don’t need an app, you can uninstall or deactivate it in the app info.

Some system apps cannot be uninstalled completely but only deactivated, but you can also gain storage space by doing so.

5. Use cloud storage

Furthermore, you have the option to use the cloud as storage. Thus, storage space on your phone is freed up, and essential data is not lost.

For this, Google offers every Google account 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage.

To do so, go to the preloaded Google Photos app and allow the app to access your photos.

Navigate to the settings via the side menu. Click on “Back up & Sync” there.

Now, you can enable the backup option and select the upload size in addition to the different folders. With the “High quality” option, you even get unlimited free storage for your media.

After the backup, you can click “Free space” in the side menu to free up more memory on your phone.

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