Android Instant Apps – what’s behind them

Android Instant Apps: What it means

Android Instant Apps are a special type of Android app that can be launched without installation.
Instant Apps thus offer the advantage of running a program by clicking on a link without installing it first. The app can therefore be started immediately without installation.
It is possible to use the app version of a provider instead of being tied to the web version. This also means you don’t have to install an entire app for a quick action only to remove it again afterward.
In Google’s search results, these apps are marked “instant” and thus already open the app with one click – without pre-installation.
If you come across an instant app on Google or another website, you can launch it and try it out. Most of the time, there is an option to install the app afterward to have the full app experience if you like it.
However, the feature must first be turned on in the Play Store. We’ll explain how to do that in the next section.

Enable the Android Instant App function
You must first enable an option on your Android smartphone to use the Instant App feature.

Launch the Google Play Store app.
Swipe to the right from the left edge of the screen and select “Settings.”
Scroll to the “Google Play Instant” item, and tap the button. Enable the option by toggling the switch.

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