Android 14 is packed with artificial intelligence

Google intends to integrate AI into its Android 14 operating system. This was announced by CEO Sundar Pichai, who said that Android 14 will use the latest advances in generative AI to personalize Android phones.

Google has already integrated AI technologies into its products, such as Google Assistant and Google Search. With Android 14, the company wants to take AI to a new level and make it an integral part of the operating system.

Pichai said AI could personalize Android phones in several ways. For example, it could be used to customize the lock screen with personalized messages and photos, filter notifications, or even adjust the phone’s lighting and temperature.

AI could also be used to create new functions that were not possible before. For example, it could be used to create an image of an object not present on the phone or perform real-time language translation.

Google has not announced which specific AI functions will be included in Android 14.

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