5 tips to make your Microsoft and Outlook accounts more secure

This article will give you five tips on better protecting your Microsoft Outlook accounts. Of course, you can also apply these tricks to your other accounts.

Tip 1: Numbers and letters

Although many services already require a combination of letters and numbers, providers still do not. This is a big mistake: using this combination is the best way to protect your account better. When letters and numbers are mixed, the complexity of the password increases exponentially.

Tip 2: Avoid your birthday

123456 may be the most common password, but the date of birth comes a close second. The Internet has made it easy to find out the date of birth of individual users. For hackers, it is an easy game. So avoid using your date of birth as a password. Unless you change the order. Swap day, month, and year, or mix the numbers.

Tip 3: Recovery

If you forget your password or someone tries to access it, the next step is the “security question.” Typical security questions are the names of your mother, father, or brother. Also in this case, it is easy for hackers to find the answer to such questions on the Internet. Choose more difficult questions, e.g., who was your best friend in your childhood? Find a question with an answer that only you know.

Tip 4: Trust secure PCs

Everyone knows this case: You log on to a strange PC and enter your e-mail address. Is this process safe? No – because many computers are accessible to others, and hackers or other people have access to them. Information is stored with every entry.
Make sure that every time you log on to a device, an antivirus program is installed. Also, ensure the computer is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Tip 5: Always log out of your session

It may not apply to you, but some users still don’t log out of their sessions, especially on foreign computers. This is an invitation for hackers. It would help if you were also careful when on your PC. Better safe than sorry – close your session. Passwords and usernames are often saved. If someone turns on your PC then he can access your accounts this way.

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