5 tips for Google Photos to perfect your images

The Pixel 7 phones currently offer the best camera on the smartphone market. However, taking a picture is only the beginning. Further editing of the pictures is possible via the Google Photos app. That is why Google now offers 5 tips for perfecting your pictures.

Correct blurry shots with Photo Unblur
With the Pixel 7 phones, Google has also launched Photo Unblur. Photo Unblur removes blur and visual noise at the touch of a finger. Photo Unblur not only works on newly taken pictures, but also on pictures that have already been saved in the Photos app or taken from other devices (camera or smartphone, scanned).

Magic Eraser removes disturbing image parts
Last year with the Pixel 6, Google introduced Magic Eraser. The feature automatically detects distractions in your pictures (photo bombers in the background, power poles, buckets, and more). Furthermore, you can use a tap/move to circle distracting objects and have them removed.

Portrait Light
To take a good portrait, the lighting has to be correct. For example, this may not be the case if you use an older smartphone or camera for the picture. With Portrait Light, you can improve the lighting of faces in such cases. You can also adjust the light position and brightness.

Bring balance to your images with the HDR effect
In older images with dark foreground and light background (or vice versa), it can be difficult to see all the details. The HDR effect compensates for this by improving the brightness and contrast of the entire image. This way, every detail is recognizable again.

Sky Effect to change the mood and tone of your images
A beautiful sunset, a great morning sky, already the camera is pulled out to capture the play of colors (and later share it on various channels). However, if the sky doesn’t quite show the desired effect, it is possible to change it using Sky Effect. There are 7 suggestions with a weather icon that will dip your sky into a completely new light:


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