25 years Google – Google celebrates birthday today

Today, September 27, Google celebrates its 25th birthday — a quarter of a century of change. A doodle on the homepage also draws attention to the anniversary.

Google Search was launched 25 years ago. Suddenly, you didn’t have to dig through various encyclopedias or call someone to find the answers to various questions….

25 years of Google in numbers

On its 25th birthday, here are 25 years of Google in figures. The Google search engine has been online since 1998. But since then, Google has become more than just a search engine. Google maps the world, brings AI to everyday tools, and much more.

On its 25th birthday, Google takes a look at the past and the future:

Among other things, you’ll learn that the 1 with 100 zeros, a googol, was the inspiration for the name Google.

Or also that the 100 trillionth digit of PI was discovered with the help of Google and YouTube Shorts has 70 billion views per month.

Also 5000 doodles (like the one for the 25th birthday) were created. The first Google Doodle appeared on August 30, 1998

Furthermore, you’ll learn that there is no limit to the number of Chrome tabs you can open (except your device’s memory). When you reach 100 tabs, there’s even a little surprise 🙂

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